Is it the Republican mindset, that is dooming America right now?

It is still “Smiling Faces” pasted over the television screens across the American Network. More than 54,000 people have perished to Covid-19 and the Republicans are still busy painting a rosy picture to the country. Like they have it all under control!

The disregard for even common sense was at recent display during Trump’s disinfectant Press Conference. Adding the sarcasm explaination to it later was just the cherry the Americans needed on their cake. While it may be a goofball incident that many take light heartedly but think of the serious repercussions it has on the hard core Republican voters.(It’s scary that a few had ingested the Disinfectant to my disbelief!). It gets more scarier when this kind of misinformation and misrepresentation is being carried out from the White House itself. And this level of propoganda based leadership is a concern when America has to vote this year.

As the pressure from the lobby groups grows, the Government’s response to the opening of economy is confusing.The Trump verus Governors episode on the lockdown clearly shows the lack of state-centre coordination. Trump is playing with the lives of American people and its strange that Americans are still calling out to open the economy when the pandemic has spread like wildfire across the country.(Have they checked the number of cases in the country!). The Corporate will always eat America even at the cost of death of thousands of people. There is a need for a concrete plan when the economy starts opening to contain and supervise over the Corona numbers in the State. Instead the Republicans are busy in planning anti-immigration laws.(P.S: US has most number of active Covid-19 cases in the world!)

Trump’s response to Covid-19 is that he closed the gates early. But he himself was on an Indian Tour in February, so isn’t it a bit hypocrite??

While the Congress has approved close to 3 trillion dollars in its relief package to the country. The question is till how long will u float on debt waters? Clearly the debts have crossed all levels in America right now and with the rush to push forward the Package that entitles cash payment upto 1200 dollars for a single receiver linked to its social security as a tax rebate, the Goverment has spent all its energy at the first stage itself. There is a clear divide amongst Republicans over the usage and timing of the stimulus package.When the corporates and institutions start reporting losses due to the Global lockdown in the next few months, Trump won’t be there to handle it. The elections will take over America and the next Govt has to deal with the turmoil created by our own Frankenstein!


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