What about the Funds, Mr Modi?

What happens when the country comes together, contributes and donates to the Fund created by the Indian Prime Minister(PM Cares). The country is taken for granted.

In the recent development this week, the audit state for PM Cares Fund was made public. It seems that the Fund will not be audited by the Government Auditors and will lie at the hands of independent auditors appointed by the Trustees of PM Care Fund (All members of the same party!). Its exactly like writing your exam and examining it yourself! The Funds created for the public by the public needs transparency in terms of how it is being utilized. But the Govt has turned deaf to anyone asking for probe in this area. Centre is playing a Step Mother to the States by not passing on the tax benefits to those who donate in CM relief funds across various states. The question is if WHO and other International agencies can be audited by the CAG then what is so special about the PM Cares Fund that no Government auditor can touch it?

Can we just turn blind to every wrong that is happening in front of us? The Government has made the citizens donate in its PM Care Funds stating that it is the time that we look out for each other and help each other. But it will not withdraw from the Parliament 2.0 Project(That’s what i call it!) which costs the taxpayers approximately 22,000 Crores (INR). With the pandemic creating more dangerous situation for the economy everyday, there is a serious need for the Government to focus on Covid-19 and take care of its citizens by scrapping the beautification project. “Do what you preach” is something Mr Modi’s Government will never know in its Lifetime.

As the country readies itself for its reopening, the response of the Government towards saving the SMEs and unorganized sector seems lukewarm. The lack of transparency in spending of Funds and playing the Godfather role for its minion states is certainly not helping the Indian Government at this point.

A concrete plan regarding the reopening and a coordinated response from the Government is the least the citizens can expect. About 3800 Crores is the balance for PMNRF and about 7000 Crores was collected under PM Cares during the first week of April. Add this amount to 22,000 worth Beauty project, we are talking about more than 30000 Crores (INR) which can be definitely help during this pandemic. But the main underlying question still remains: What about the Funds, Mr Modi?


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